This is my first time shopping with Wood Green and I'm not sure what to do?

1. Simply select the product category you are looking for from the menu on the left hand side of the web page this will take you to the product range within that category.

2. Select the product that you wish to purchase form those displayed; in the next window indicate the quantity, size and colour of the product by selecting your preference  from the option lists provided (where applicable).

3. Click the Green Button 'Add To Basket.'

4. In the next window you can check and change the quantity ordered by changing the number in the little box (as a default this always displays the number 1), then click on  'Apply Quantity Change'  click either 'Continue Shopping'  to return to the main shop or 'Checkout' to purchase your goods.

5. In the next window you will be asked to 'Register Your Details' as a new customer, simply enter your e-mail address and a password, in the next window enter your full details, click 'Continue.' 

6. In this window you will be asked to confirm the delivery address, or if you would like to have your purchases sent to an alternative address enter the details then click 'Continue.' 

7. The next window will show your completed order, on this page you can add your 'discount code' if you have one and make an additional 'Donation' to the Charity if you wish.  If you think you will be out of the house at the time of delivery you can also advise us of additional delivery arrangements (leave in shed in back garden, leave with neighbour etc.). Let us know how you heard about us by selecting from the option list in the drop down box, tick the box confirming you have read the 'Terms and Conditions' then click 'Continue.' 

8. We are almost there; in this window enter your credit/debit card details, as a first time customer you will be referred to the 3D Secure payments page where you will be asked to enter further details, this will only happen the first time you purchase from the Wood Green Shop.  Once completed you will be returned to the 'Order Confirmation' page, and your purchase process is complete.

 What will I be charged for postage and packaging?

You will only be charged £5.00 per order provided your order stays under 30kg's in weight, for orders placed which will exceed this weight please see the table below:

Postage and packaging charges

2kg  - 30kg                           £5.00

30.1kg – 40kg                     £7.00

40.1 - 50kg                           £9.00

50.1 - 60kg                           £13.00

60.1kg – 80kg                     £16.00

80.1kg – 100kg                   £20.00

I have received a 'Promotional Code' and I'm not sure when/how to use it?

Congratulations, this means that you will receive a discount on your order or a free product.  All you need to do is enter the promotional code when requested during the purchase process

I would like to make a donation to the Charity as well as purchasing from the shop can I do this without navigating back to the donation page?

We want to make it easy for our customers to support the work we do so we have an option to donate at the point of final purchase of your goods, simply enter the amount you would like to donate to Wood Green and this will be deducted during the payment process

I would like to cancel my order what do I need to do?

Go to our 'Terms and Conditions' section 9. 'Cancellation and Returns' this will explain the process to you

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